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 Summer/Fall 2021

Quality House Interiors: Something for Everyone


One day last summer, Anitra Jackson, a design consultant at Quality House Interiors, arrived at work to find stacked on her desk a pile of colorful tiles animated with hand-painted fish. The request from the builders at Edgewood Construction and the homeowners were simple: “The house was to be designed around these tiles,” Jackson smiles.

fish tiles

To begin, Jackson connected with the clients, listening as they conveyed their idea to use the tiles as inspiration for three separate bathrooms: a Mexican-tile bathroom, an Asian-inspired bathroom that evoked the feeling of a waterfall, and of course, the fish-tile bathroom. Flooring, bath, and backsplash elements were carefully selected to complement the whimsical tiles.

Throughout the rest of the house, rustic hardwood flooring accents the alpine setting surrounding the house. For the craft room, waterproof tiles with a distressed vintage veneer make for the perfect utilitarian solution, while ceramic tiles add an Americana charm to the laundry room. 

home sweet home

“Our work is understanding the clients’ priorities and unique goals and then introducing products that blend well with these goals,” says Jackson. “We try to keep choices limited and not too overwhelming. Sometimes it’s guiding folks in the right direction, but other times we’re learning from them.”

For instance, Jackson says she loved that the fish-tile house features a “paper-processing room” instead of a home office. She was so inspired by the cleverness of the concept that she went home and replicated the simple joy in her own home.

“It’s about how people feel in their house,” she says. “It’s about creating a home where people are happy to be.”

Like Jackson, other members of the team at Quality House Interiors are discerning about the products they offer, seeking out premium, CRI Green Label-certified materials. From plush carpeting to Stonecore, laminate to luxury hardwood or vinyl planks, QHI’s flooring options include the industry’s top-quality brands. Whether emphasizing a mountain view or darkening a room for maximum relaxation, QHI’s selection of shades, blinds, and window coverings meets the full spectrum of needs and desires.

home sweet home bathroom tiles

“We’re a customer-centric company,” says owner Ben Kuprevich. “It’s not about closing the sale or selling a specific product but rather making sure it’s the right fit for the customer and the right product for the setting.

No matter who the lead is on a project, Kuprevich says, it’s a collaborative effort, and everyone gets a chance to look at what’s being designed. In slower times, which are few and far between these days, the Quality House crew keeps their skills sharp through in-house “design challenges.” Designers will take turns picking an obscure color, a common crowd-pleaser, or a tricky budget constraint, then identify wily ways to design around these puzzles. Such talents come in handy, whether working with a first-time homebuilder or a client designing their dream retirement home.

“The staff is incredible,” says Kuprevich. “Their deep product knowledge and years of experience are the greatest assets here. I shine brightest knowing we’re able to offer these quality products and services with the level of professionalism and mom-and-pop-store comfort we bring to each job.”

In 2018, Kuprevich came to work at Quality House Interiors with former owner Robert Bisinger and his past (and Kuprevich’s present) partner Larry Latimer, with the idea that maybe someday he’d purchase the company. In January 2020, Kuprevich took ownership and adopted the same values that Quality House Interiors has built into its 32-year legacy: best quality, best service, best prices.

home sweet home hardwood

“Renovating or building a home carries a bit of stress when you’re making design decisions that might last the next 10, 20, 30 years,” says Kuprevich. “We see folks come in who are already suffering from fatigue. But then after figuring out what fits them best, two hours later, I’ll hear laughter out on the showroom floor. That’s the whole point: making it as easy as we can for our customers.” 

Much of the clients’ delight comes from the warmth and approachability of designers like Jackson, who grew up dabbling in interior design at her parents’ rental property. As a teenager, she remembers installing carpet with her dad. Later, she and her husband renovated their first home together, right after getting married. This adventure nurtured a passion for creating beautiful spaces, and Jackson accepted a role as a design consultant at Quality House Interiors in 1996.

“Quality House is willing to fairly compensate good employees, which keeps us around for a long time,” says Jackson, who is celebrating her 21st year working at QHI. “No other place in Durango can match the longevity of our showroom consultants and installers.”

Quality House Interiors has a little something for everyone. Beloved fish tiles welcome.




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