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Silverton Art Galleries


 Summer/Fall 2021

Silverton’s rich history is ever-present in the Old West charm of Notorious Blair Street and the colorful Victorian-era architecture of Greene Street. Silverton’s artists, living and working at 9,318 feet in elevation, have long used the dramatic backdrop of this Western mountain town to inspire paintings, photography, weavings, words, and more. Learn about these artisan crafts directly from the makers. Their doors open each day, offering a unique behind-the-scenes peek and an opportunity to chat with them about their craft.

Silverton Gallery Co-op


Art Hawk Studio

Art Hawk Studio

1121 Greene Street

Art Hawk Studio is a gallery and studio space unlike any other. Local artist and owner Marya Lehman combines falconry education with her award-winning precision paintings to offer a unique experience to see live raptors on display and the chance to take home beautiful local art found nowhere else in the world. Also discover her one-of-a-kind feather art, as well as locally made jewelry, porcelain paintings, and stunning wildlife photography. Look for Marya on Instagram and Facebook @arthawkstudio and @maryalehmanart.


Carol Wilkins Designs

Carol Wilkins Designs

1130 Greene Street

Carol Wilkins Designs understands your need to express yourself—to have the confidence that allows you to be you, from that place deep down inside. You like to show that little “wild side” of yourself. Wilkins’ jewelry is designed to celebrate the strength in you, as well as your own unique, artistic statement. Come by and find the piece that makes you feel special and empowered.


Quiet Bear Art

Quiet Bear Art

1130 Greene Street

Quiet Bear Art is a unique, artist-owned gallery and blacksmith shop. Ken Webb has become well-known throughout the Southwest for his exceptional sculptures and fine metal art. He incorporates old-world blacksmithing techniques into his creations. He has been selected for numerous commissions, from small tabletop and wall artwork to larger outdoor sculptures. Many of his originals are included in private collections throughout the world. Ken is available by appointment during the winter.


Route 550 gifts

Route 550 Gifts

Gina Maria Rosato, the owner of Route 550 Gifts, specializes in many commercial-art applications. Her most popular pursuit is creating unique souvenir designs inspired by Silverton. Her customers are not only taking home a simple souvenir, but a moment or memory that brought them great joy while visiting. Her artistic souvenirs are available at The 9318 Collective at 1212 Greene Street, the Silverton Train Store at 1257 Greene Street, and San Juan Services at 315 Greene Street.


Sand and Snow gallery

Sand & Snow Studio

1070 Greene Street

Sand & Snow Studio is an artist-owned studio/gallery showing the works of Eileen Fjerstad, who has been painting in the San Juan Mountains and the Four Corners region for over 35 years. With an intimate knowledge of the ever-changing light throughout the day and seasons, Fjerstad endeavors to capture the amazing scenes of her dramatic surroundings. Her paintings depict both desert and mountain environments, as well as works from her various travels.


Signature Furniture Desk

Signature Furniture Studio/Gallery

312 E. 12th Street

Since 1977, Bob Schmidt has been handcrafting furniture, cabinets, and doors in the Craftsman style using varieties of hardwoods, from sapele mahogany to spalted maple. Recent designs and works are featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine and Building Systems Magazine. Bob’s working studio and furniture gallery are housed in an award-winning timber-frame building he designed and built in the year 2000 on 12th Street, the terminus of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.


Wesley Berg Photography

Wesley Berg Photography

Wesley Berg specializes in wildlife photography of the San Juan Mountains. His new book on San Juan wildlife contains more than 130 beautiful color photos and descriptions of many of the mammals and birds that live in the San Juan Mountains. The book, cards, and select matted and framed wildlife prints are available at the 9318 Collective at 1212 Greene Street and at the Art Hawk Studio at 1121 Greene Street. Wesley’s work can also be found online at Wesley can be reached at [email protected].


Wize Owl Handprints

Wize Owl Handprints

In the tradition of woodblock printing, Amy Grogan designs, carves, and prints from a small studio in southwest Colorado. She is inspired by Western landscapes and native wildlife, which are reflected in her nature-based woodblock prints and textiles for the home. Her work is available at the 9318 Collective, at 1212 Greene St., and can also be found online at Amy can be reached at [email protected].

White Eyes Gallery

White Eyes Gallery

1250 Greene Street

Located in the historic Teller House in downtown Silverton, White Eyes Gallery specializes in unique Southwestern fine-art pieces, including Mata Ortiz pottery, photography, sand paintings, sculpture, jewelry, folk art, and Kachina dolls. The gallery shows many regional Navajo and Hopi one-of-a-kind artistic creations that emphasize their culture and fine craftsmanship.

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