The Hive:

A New Nonprofit in Durango


 Summer/Fall 2021

There’s a lot of buzz these days about The Hive, one of Durango’s newer nonprofit organizations. Founded in 2020, the youth-focused community hub is currently located in downtown Durango. The Hive offers a variety of programs to advance life skills and foster self-reliance through creative performance and recreational opportunities.

The Hive Mural

Drawing from the success of SOS Outreach, a winter-based national mentoring program, The Hive was co-founded by Kelsie Borland, Jeff Hammer, and Alex Vick to create year-round opportunities for Durango’s youth. They expanded on their own interests in snow/skateboarding, art, and music to create a place for young people to become empowered and accomplished. Imagine having your first gallery opening or stage performance. These threshold events can help conquer fear and doubt and be helpful in facing future challenges.

the hive kids

The core values of The Hive are self-reliance, responsibility, courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and humility. Many of these are conveyed through workshops that encourage young people to pursue their passions, and they are confidently led by adult mentors who share the same passions. Volunteers are encouraged to consider facilitating a workshop or chaperoning an event. 

The Hive is unique in that it is all-inclusive in its efforts to help. Although it offers mainly youth programs, it is open to anyone, with no age limit. I stopped by on a Freestyle Friday, and a group of 20- to 30-year-olds were learning how to silkscreen. Throughout the winter, The Hive, in collaboration with The Dandelion Café, featured a biweekly soup fundraiser for families needing assistance. 

The hive kids

As a resource center for multiple organizations in Durango, The Hive wants to cross-pollinate to strengthen the entire community and beyond. They believe that working together increases each other’s reach and impact. They’ve painted murals all around town and are part of the Dumpster Beautification Project and the Durango Learning Lab at the Powerhouse Science Center. They’ve also partnered with The San Juan Board of Cooperative Educational Services to do suicide-prevention work. 

This summer, they will offer full-time programs for both local and visiting youth. Although The Hive charges for participation, they offer donation-based fees as well, meaning pay what you can if you can. They will never turn away a young person or keep them from participating if they cannot pay. There are monthly memberships as well and opportunities for scholarships when available. 

The future looks sweet for The Hive, with goals that include a performance stage and an indoor skateboarding facility. For more information, check the website at



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