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Advertising Technical Requirements and Specs

Mechanical Requirements

Materials required for advertisements to run in winter/spring 20-21 Durango Magazine as of August 1, 2020: CD or DVD with SWOP-compliant proof, see details below.

1. Ad Dimensions (In Inches)

Two page spread bleed - printer trims to:17
Full page bleed - printer trims to:8.625
2/3 page (2 columns)4.7510
1/2 page (island)4.757.4375
1/2 page (horizontal)7.254.875
1/3 page (vertical)2.2510
1/3 page (square)4.754.875
1/4 page CO-OP3.54.875
1/6 page (vertical)2.254.875
1/6 page (horizontal)4.752.3125

2. Printing

Web offset, four-color process, SWOP standards

3. File Submission Guidelines

Transfer Disk:CD or DVD
• Submit only one version of the ad, please.
• Alternate versions and/or backup materials are discouraged; if absolutely needed, place in a separate folder labeled "backup."
Basic Specs:• CMYK only (no RGB images or colors)
• Resolution: CMYK or Grayscale - 300 dpi (min/max) / B&W Bitmap - 1200 dpi (min/max)
• Ink density: 300% maximum ink density (total of all CMYK percentages)
• Crop and size all images: 300 dpi, at actual size when placed in ad
File Formats:
Preferred• PDF: CMYK, 300 dpi,  embed all fonts and images, no crop marks. 
• Click the link below to download printer preferred PDF settings.
Accepted• Photoshop TIFF or PSD: no compression and text on a layer (do not flatten)
• Illustrator EPS or AI: embed all fonts and images
• NOTE: for best results, save any of these as PDF above
Proofs:SWOP-compliant proof on commercial-grade base, 100% of actual size, required for full-page ads; color accuracy not assured without proof.

Printer Preferred PDF settings.

4. Ad Preparation Tips

  • Two-page spreads: keep live elements .25″ from each side of the center gutter. Prefer separate file for each page. View preparation tips
  • Use two-color black (C40, K100) for large, flat black areas, i.e., backgrounds, large type, etc.
  • For rich black (four-color), use C60, M40, Y30, K100.
  • Screen-build colors — do not exceed 300% maximum ink density (total of all CMYK percentages).
  • Ads must have border or background color that extends to full ad size area; if missing, borders may be added.
  • No coupons, dashes or broken borders.
  • Font of web address must be embedded to ensure auto-linking to website from digital version.

5. Delivery Options

  • By mail to P.O. Box 3907, Durango, CO 81302
  • Email to [email protected]
  • Call account executive to arrange for pick up, 970 259-2599

6. Electronic Transfer

  • Accepting files up to 10mb in size. For larger files, please call 259-2599.
  • A SWOP-compliant proof is required for full-page ads; color accuracy not assured without proof.

Please make sure ad materials are as requested.
Non-conforming materials will not be accepted, with late fees charged for submissions or re-submissions after materials deadline. Materials are not returned unless requested in writing. Please include contact information for the person who creates the file.

Photo Submissions

Space: September 29, 2020

Materials: October 8, 2020


• Durango Magazine buys exclusive one-time publishing rights for six months for cover image and one month (December for winter/spring issue) for all other images. The magazine is in circulation in print for one year and online in perpetuity.
• We process photo payments within sixty (60) days of receipt of your invoice.
• Credit lines are given except on the website.
• A payment of $50 is made if a minimum of 50 photos are submitted, even if none are published.
• Black-and-white payment rates are one-half of color payment rates. Black-and-white photos are typically used only for historic stories. Please submit color photos only.
• Color rates are as follows:

• Magazine Cover = $450
• Two-page Rate (one photo) = $500
• Web Use = $50

Rate structure is based on a two-page rate, in keeping with the way the magazine is laid out during the design process. Published photos are measured as a percentage of the two-page spread and paid accordingly so as to pay for the actual size of a photo rather than one rate for a wide range of sizes. Example: if the photo measures 3-1/2 x 5-1/2 = 19.25 square inches. This figure represents 10.6% of the total space of a two-page spread, which equals $53. Minimum payment for a published photo: $50.

The hive kids
buck riding western roundup

Photo Submission Requirements:

CD/DVD/Flash Drive
TIFF file format in RGB, submitted at full resolution size – please do not re-size your image to meet a specific purpose for us. Please submit 8-bit files only.

Originals or good quality dupes. If dupes, please be sure originals are available if needed. 35mm or larger accepted, individually packed in clear plastic sleeves labeled with your name on each slide mount. Extreme care is taken with all slides, but please expect normal wear and tear with usage.

Photo Location/Identification
It is important that you note the general location of the photograph for identification/caption purposes, particularly with landscape/scenic images, especially names of mountains and/or people. Please submit local landscapes only.

Photo images via e-mail will not be accepted or reviewed.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3907, Durango, CO 81302 (for USPS regular mail).

Winter/Spring Subjects Needed:
Winter landscapes; scenics; activities; Mesa Verde in winter; D&SNG winter trains; Purgatory; downhill skiing; snowboarding; tubing; cat skiing; ski village; chair lifts; snowmobiling; skijoring; adaptive skiing; Nordic skiing; sledding; ice skating; ice hockey; ice fishing; snowshoeing; sleigh ride to dinner; sled dogs; winter running; snow sculptures; holiday decorations; anything Christmas—town or country; Snowdown. Downtown in winter; shopping; performing arts; gallery hopping; nightlife; pubs; music; party bars; also Trimble Hot Springs in winter; Silverton; Ignacio/Towaoc casinos. Some spring accepted.

Miscellaneous Guidelines:
• Your photos will be under consideration through November. Slides will be returned in December, after publication. Disks are not returned unless requested.

• Previously published work is accepted if the publication which published your work is not one of the following: All Aboard, Directory Plus, Durango Herald (any BCI print or web publication including Summer Guide Southwest Colorado, Winter Guide Southwest Colorado and Adventure Pro), Four Corners Travel Host, Essential Durango, San Juan Skyway, Ouray Magazine, Silverton Magazine, Telluride Magazine, Edible Southwest Colorado and DATO and Purgatory travel planners.

• Please notify Durango Magazine if you become aware that a submitted photo will be used in one of the above publications so that we may remove it from consideration in the upcoming issue.

• Your photos may be used throughout the six-month shelf life of the issue for our promotional purposes, especially the cover. Photos used on the cover of the magazine may be used as Durango Magazine cover art in perpetuity by the publisher and/or his assigns for promotional purposes, etc. at no additional charge.

• Dream Home photos are solicited directly from the advertiser at no charge. Durango Magazine assumes that the photographer has been fairly compensated for the use of these photos.

•If we use your photo we will send you a statement for payment due, as well as a Declaration of Independent Contractor Status. Please complete and return with at least two acceptable forms of verification along with your invoice. Contact the office for details, 970 259-2599.

Editorial Submission Guidelines

Queries: Most articles in Durango Magazine are assigned to freelance contributors, usually in August for the Winter/Spring issue and in February for the Summer/Fall issue. Queries or manuscripts are read promptly. Our preferred method of communication is via e-mail to [email protected], attention: Editor.

Articles: Length of articles range from 150-word shorts to 2,000-word features. Payment is at the rate of 50¢ a word for our established writers. Writers working with us for the first time are asked to submit their finished manuscript on speculation. We buy First North American Rights only, with all rights returned after publication. Previously published materials are okay if the other publication is non-competing.

Photos: We always appreciate images to accompany your story. Let us know if any are available and request our Photo Submission Guidelines if you are interested in submitting photos.

Style: We follow AP Stylebook as a guide to editing manuscripts. Use minimum punctuation and the downstyle of capitalization–lowercasing the first letter of words when there is a choice. In general, write out numbers up to nine, then use figures for all others. We reserve the right to cut, condense and edit all manuscripts submitted.

Manuscripts: Please send your story via e-mail, double-spaced, with a wide three-inch, left-hand margin on each page. Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address at the top of the first page. Do write a title for your piece and include a short biography for publication at the end of your published article.

Usage: If we use your story we will send you a statement for payment due, as well as a Declaration of Independent Contractor Status. Please complete and return with at least two acceptable forms of verification along with your invoice.  Contact the office for details, 970 259-2599.

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