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Silverton, Colorado is the basecamp for winter adventure, offering many backcountry high-alpine recreation opportunities, and plenty of options for lodging, shopping, and dining experiences in the heart of the San Juan Mountains. If you like to ski, snowbike, snowmobile, snowboard, snowshoe, cross country ski, or just take winter dog walks, Silverton should be your next adventure. San Juan County has endless snow-groomed trails for all winter adventures starting from Molas Lake area, the town of Silverton, or even out in the east end of the county. No matter what your level of ski skills, we have the ski area for you from the beginner hill right in town, Kendall Mountain Ski Area, to the more expert area of Silverton Mountain. The San Juan Mountains offer all types of winter outdoor recreation for all types of user groups and all experience levels, or take a guided-tour adventure like snowmobiling, skiing, ice climbing or backcountry skiing. Go to to check out things to do, places to dine, lodging options and all scheduled events. Silverton is open year-round and located just one hour north of Durango on Highway 550.

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